Betty is the ringleader of the racer gang. Her real name is Betty xxx and is 16 years old. She has a weakness for yellow candy, with her favorite being lemon flavored yellow Starbursts and when she can find them, lemon yellow Chuckles Candy (her dad turned her on to this vintage candy). She was given a hula lady bobble head many years ago, and has since turned the one into many on her bureau in her bedroom.

Betty learned to drive when she was 12. Her pop took her on a dirt trail at a friend’s house and let her drive and stop around and around the property. When she turned 16, she learned how to drive a clutch. As far ash she knows, only her best friends, Roxy and Ruby, along with xxx, know how to drive a clutch. She thinks this is really cool. So does her pop.

Vehicle of Choice

When Betty was 15, she found a near abandoned blue sports car that she convinced her parents to let her bring home. Over the next six months, she brought back to life with the help of her friend, xxx, her pop, and his amazing set of tools. Her 1970 Porsche 914 in blue paint is her first and current ride of choice.